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About Us

The goal of Water Bottle Nerd is to offer advice and tips about purchasing water bottles. To help you locate exactly what you need, all water bottles recommended are independently tested and evaluated. No matter if you’re looking for special use water bottles or water bottles to gift for loved ones, our objective is to save you time and relieve the stress of shopping.

We operate with editorial independence and seek to be the most dependable water bottle product recommendation service available. We won’t publish a recommendation until we have thoroughly researched tested water bottles that we determine to be the finest.

The Water Bottle Nerd was established in December 2022. Subscriptions and a number of affiliate marketing schemes are how we make money. This implies that we could receive commissions by using certain products.

In everything we do, we work to make it quick, simple, and straightforward for you to locate the greatest water bottles — and recognize which water bottles aren’t worth buying—so you can get on with enjoying your life.

These are the same water bottles that we select for ourselves and advocate to our loved ones. We treat any water bottle we advise you to buy with the same seriousness as if it were our own money on the line.

Reader trust is what matters most to us. Readers wouldn’t support our work if we made a recommendation out of prejudice or laziness. We also encourage readers to fact-check our articles.

Reach out to let us know if you need advice in figuring out a particular challenge with choosing a suitable water bottle. We love to investigate reader questions—and do our best to help.