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Best Water Bottles for Kids in 2023


best water bottles for kids

Parents are always concerned about whether their kid is growing up healthy and safe. But for it to happen, the accessories the kids use daily must be child-friendly as well. One of the most common worries is the water bottle. Because poorly made bottles can seriously contaminate the water the kids drink. Parents we know are often frustrated about the lack of food-grade water bottles available. It is quite a struggle to find a safe water bottle for the junior champion at home. We know this because we have faced the problem ourselves and realized that it is crucial to find healthier options. Let’s have a look at some of them-

1. CamelBak Chute Mag Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

CamelBak Chute Mag Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Hydration is simplified with the food-grade CamelBak chute mag vacuum-insulated stainless steel water bottle. The bottle provides a smooth flow without creating a mess. The cap has an easy-to-carry handle and a magnetic top that moves securely out of the way when open and becomes leak-proof when you close it. So you won’t have to worry about your kid wetting his backpack and notes at school holding up to 20 ounces of water. Moreover, the universal cap is compatible with the Eddy+ and hot cap vessels.

The various color options of the bottle can be a nice change from the usual dull black or stainless steel options. That and the other fantastic features make this an obvious choice for many.

2. Hydro Flask Kids Wide Mouth Straw Lid

With the Hydro Flask’s modern design and high-quality material, the drink stays cool for at least 24 hours for your sporty little champion. So the perfect refreshment is ready for them throughout the day. The Wide Mouth Kids Bottle is the perfect water carrier for any adventure, with a colorful, easy-to-clean Straw Cap and a durable perforated Flex Boot with a capacity of 12 ounces.

But does it work with hot water in it? According to the instructions from the makers, it’s best to avoid experimentation with hot water because it may damage the bottle severely. This one easily gets listed in the best water bottles for kids in 2023 category.

3. Ion8 Leakproof Water Bottle

Ion8 Leakproof Water Bottle

This silky-feeling bottle has a OneTouch lid that is said to be “reliably leakproof” when closed. To seal it, close the cap and pull up a tiny latch to lock it in. According to the website “When closed, the spout and vent are completely sealed,”. Even if that tiny latch fails, the bottle is further secured by a cap hook that, when pressed, pops open the cap. The cap protects the mouthpiece when it is in a bag or thrown on the grass or the floor of a car.

This well-engineered and high-value design gives you an excellent all-around performance. Because it springs open satisfyingly quickly, the little ones love the action. Also, avoid getting deceived by its lightweight. It is hard enough to take more than a few knocks to secure the bottle, as the little ones tend to drop them quite often.

4. Thermos FUNtainer

Even though this double-walled stainless steel bottle is not advertised as leakproof, I’ve found that water does not leak out of the bottle when the lid is closed. Kids can open the lid by pushing a button on the front and can open and close it on their own. Once it’s open, the angle of the straw makes it easy for kids to drink without having to tilt their heads.

The bottle can hold 12 ounces of liquid and is made to keep it cold for up to 12 hours. For kids who drink a lot of water, never leave a bottle open for more than 12 hours. So the water is always cold when they want to drink. A bonus is that the bottle doesn’t sweat. You should know that you can only put cold liquids in the Funtainer without worrying about anything else in the bag getting wet. As a fun and cool-looking water bottle, this one gets listed among the best water bottles for kids in 2023 group.

5. The YETI Rambler Jr.

The YETI Rambler Jr.

The Rambler Jr. comes in eight fun colors that kids will love. We like that it’s made of kitchen-grade stainless steel, can go in the dishwasher, and has a wide mouth. These things make it easier to clean, easier to fill, and strong enough to keep from breaking when it falls down a lot. The YETI Rambler Jr is one of the best kids’ drink bottles we’ve ever seen – and as parents of rapidly growing children, we’ve seen a lot. YETI has taken its usual approach of over-engineering standard children’s drink bottles to create something truly up to the task.

These insulated, bullet-proof kids’ bottles are ideal for forest schoolers and packed lunch takers because they keep water or juice cold all day. Our YETI kids’ drink bottles are tough enough to withstand abuse from the most energetic children and come in various beautiful child-friendly colors. This one definitely falls into the list of the best water bottles for kids in 2023.

Things you should look for while buying the next water bottle for your kid

  1. Make sure that the bottle is entirely leakproof and break proof. It is evident that kids are less careful than adults, and because of that, they might wet their bags if the water bottle is not leakproof. They also tend to drop their bottles or throw them around more often, so their bottles must be strongly built.
  1. You should pick a size your kid can easily manage and hold all of their necessities because they will not be able to carry heavy bottles.
  1. Try to find bottles with wide mouths and low profiles. More liquid can be loaded into and cleaned from wide-mouth bottles. Kids can choke on water if they drink it in a bad posture which can lead to harmful consequences.
  1. Make sure you choose a water bottle that would please your child. Kids these days are very conscious about how they look when they go to school, so make sure you pick fun patterns and bold hues that appeal to youngsters.

Your kid’s water bottle must transport drinks without spilling, contaminating, or altering them. So, choose the best water bottles for kids in 2023 that your child will use daily for school, activities, and more.

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