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Why Non-Toxic Glass Water Bottles Are Essential for Your Health


Plastic water bottles are dangerous, as they pose a massive threat to humans as well as the environment. Scientists are constantly warning us about the drastic health risks associated with plastic bottles. In this scenario, non toxic glass water bottles could serve as a safe and healthy option.

If you wonder why glass bottles are essential for our health, we have the answer for you. This blog offers the most relevant information as to why glass bottles serve as a healthier option.

So, let’s start.

Glass is Made of Non-Toxic Material

Being non-toxic, glass consists of the safest materials. Therefore, glass water bottles benefit our health in numerous ways. Depending on the materials used, there are numerous types of glass available on the market.

Non-toxic glass water bottles are made of food-safe glass. This type of glass is also used for storing or carrying beverages and food items. A food-grade glass is made by using specific materials.

The most safest and food-grade glass is known as “Borosilicate”. This type of glass is made of high-quality and non-toxic materials. Borosilicate glass is composed of naturally occurring materials.

For instance, Borosilicate contains materials like Silica, Boron Trioxide, and Alumina. This stuff is durable and can withstand abrupt temperature changes. It is lighter and less prone to break.

Soda-lime is another common form of glass used for manufacturing water bottles. It consists of 70% Silica (Silicon Dioxide), 15%, Soda (Sodium Oxide) and 9% Lime (Calcium Oxide).

Soda-lime is less expensive but also not quite durable as compared to Borosilicate glass. This glass might also contain small traces of other compounds. Most of these ingredients are non-toxic.

Although glass is usually made of chemical-free materials, there are certain impurities that are found in low-quality glass. So, when buying a glass water bottle, make sure it has been tested for toxic materials like lead or cadmium.

Generally, top brands mention that their glass water bottles are free from any toxic material. So, make sure to find out about the composition of a glass water bottle before buying it.

Glass Doesn’t Leach or Absorb

No doubt, non-toxic glass water bottles serve as an excellent choice for maintaining good health. By ensuring chemical-free hydration, glass bottles help you maintain the purity of the water you drink.

Unlike metal or plastic water bottles, glass bottles don’t leach harmful chemicals. This suggests that drinking water from a glass bottle ensures safe and toxin-free hydration.

In addition, glass is a non-porous material, which means it doesn’t retain any kind of odors, flavor, or residue. So, every time you take a sip out of a glass bottle, you always get a refreshing experience.

Apart from this, glass is an inert or nonreactive material. Since glass doesn’t react with other materials, there is no risk of staining or corrosion. This is why glass is a safe and preferred material for reusable water bottles.

On the other hand, when a plastic bottle is placed in sunlight, it releases harmful toxins such as Bisphenol A (BPA). This toxic material can lead to a range of harmful diseases like infertility, hormone disorders, or even cancer.

As a safe alternative, you can use glass bottles for carrying anything including protein shakes, smoothies, juices, or coffee. Besides, you also get the same great taste of a beverage even after using a glass bottle for years.

By using a glass water bottle, you can make sure that your hydration is free from unwanted and harmful chemicals. Also, these bottles allow you to enjoy the natural taste of a beverage.

Glass Water Bottles are Hygienic

Glass water bottles are easy to clean, making them hygienic. Due to its non-porous structure, glass doesn’t absorb food materials or flavors. So, it is a lot easier to clean a glass bottle by simply washing it with detergent.

This suggests that you won’t face the issue of bacterial growth in a glass water bottle. On the other hand, glass is a clear material, which allows the identification of even the tiniest food particles.

Ensures Stability of the Minerals

Apart from keeping the water fresh for days, glass water bottles also preserve its mineral contents. Therefore, using a glass water bottle is essential for continuing a safe and nutritious hydration routine.

A glass water bottle doesn’t react with the water or beverages contained in it. This means no chemical reaction occurs when you use a glass bottle for storing acidic beverages like lemonade or carbonated drinks.

When it comes to storing water for days or even months, glass bottles are the safest choice. Unlike plastic, glass containers keep the water in its natural state without changing its chemical composition or taste.

Glass Bottle is a Healthy Choice

Glass water bottles fall within the reusable water bottle category. These bottles are meant to be used repeatedly. Even after using a glass bottle for months, it stays clean and hygienic.

This is so, as glass is a non-toxic material. As a result, you can use it for storing food and water. Unlike plastic, glass is a safe material. Every glass bottle stays in perfect condition for years.

If you are health conscious, this feature of a glass bottle would immediately grab your attention. This is so, as glass bottles keep you hydrated without compromising the overall quality and taste of water.

Since a glass bottle doesn’t react with the ingredients of a beverage, it offers purity of taste. On the contrary, plastic bottles absorb the flavor and contents of the stored liquid. Thus plastic bottles can alter the taste of your favorite drink. 

In short, non-toxic glass water bottles promote a healthy lifestyle and ensure peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

If you are all geared up for maintaining a healthy hydration routine, choosing the safest water bottle is imperative. For this purpose, you can rely on non toxic glass water bottles. Glass bottles keep your water fresh and chemical-free for days. Having said that, switching to a glass water bottle can make a difference.

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